Johan Hanegraaf

Architect / Design Technology Specialist, Mecanoo, ArchiSpace VR

As design technology specialist, Johan Hanegraaf combines his degrees in architecture, engineering, and computer science to design, teach and develop digital tools for Mecanoo’s prestigious projects. With his own creation ArchiSpace, Johan tries to bridge the gap between intuition and technology, linking BIM to a virtual reality modeling environment. As an architect he strongly believes that smart digital tools are needed to improve collaboration, enhance creativity and lead to a better built environment.

Johan will be conducting one of the workshops – Custom VR development using Unity. The goal is to transform your BIM into interactive audit or design applications. This workshop will show how to get more out of Unity by adding custom VR interactions to your 3D objects from Revit. Allowing you to create customized simulations or design review applications for clients, users and your project team.