Roy Koo

Founder – Ignite VR / Associate Director – AsiaVR Association

Roy Koo is the founder of IGNITE VR – a Virtual Reality Maker company – that specializes in conceptualizing, designing, setting up and operating temporary and permanent physical spaces to showcase Virtual Reality experiences. Their vision is to light the spark of curiosity in Virtual Reality and fire up innovation in VR technologies.

He is also Associate Director of AsiaVR Association, a Singapore-based non-profit association focused on promoting dialogue, debate, collaboration and investment in this rapidly evolving area of technology innovation.

In 2016, Roy started a VR company IGNITE VR and also join AsiaVR Association as an associate director. Throughout these 3 years, both the company and association have enabled Roy to experience many perspective of the VR landscape in Singapore which he will share insights about, ranging from organizing meetups, hackathons, running a VR arcade business, teaching VR art, content development to custom controller prototyping. As a company based in IMDA Pixel Studios’ Immersive Media Lab, we would also like to share on how the Singapore government is supporting the immersive media industry and the technology roadmap that they have released in November 2018.