Im-Arch Asia is organized by Global Innovators, an innovation based firm which believes in leveraging tech in the built industry.

Jin Sung

The enabler of technological advances in Global Innovators. Jin develops and oversees the new technological strategies. Playing a key role in organizational transformation, Jin has taken leaps where few would jump – a true visionary and leader.

Jin is the Executive Director of Global Innovators. Throughout his career he has been involved in all areas of his practice from concept design to contract administration.

As a result of his extensive and specialised experience in various industries, Jin has played a key role in building and maintaining the studio as a specialist design office. His innovative spirit keeps him abreast with current technologies and the improvement of design practices.

Fabio D’Agnano

Immersive Architecture in Venice is Fabio’s brainchild. He has driven the IM Arch brand to its second year, and is steadily growing in both participation and influence within the VR/AR community. He has brought visionaries and driven individuals together to share and forge new knowledge and friendships across the globe through the IM Arch events.

Fabio D’Agnano is the curator of the Immersive Architecture Conference and the Director of the Digital Architecture Post-graduate Master’s Course (Madi), and  teaches Three Dimensional Modelling, Electronic Prototyping and Representation at the Architecture University of Venice (IUAV).

He is also the founder of Tooteko (augmented reality for blind people) – MIT Master Trainer in Mobile Educational Computing – Consultant for the MIUR (Italian Minister of Culture) in the project ITS4.0 promoting STEAM and Digital Manufacturing in higher education – Consultant for Triennale di Milano, as technology expert for the XXI podion- New Craft – partner and manager at Glass Architettura Urbanistica Engineering.

Serena Ruffato

Serena is currently the CEO/co-founder of Tooteko, an Italian startup offering a disruptive, unique device for art experience addressed to visually impaired and blind people. Tooteko offers at the same time a unique device based on NFC technology and an innovative model for museums and collections owners to create inclusive exhibition paths by 3D printed artworks replicas.

Tooteko introduces the visually impaired and blind people to an engaging experience, powered by a high-tech ring, and fostering museums to move towards full digitization of their artworks. Tooteko offers to museums the complete range of augmented reality/virtual reality applications, as well as architectural design solutions for exhibits.

Jeff Mottle

Jeff Mottle is the creator of CGarchitect – the leading and most influential online magazine and end-user community for architectural visualization and design professionals. Launched in 2001 by industry expert and evangelist Jeff, the site remains steadfastly dedicated to providing valuable resources for architectural visualization professionals who need to stay current in our dynamic industry. Reaching over 375,000 unique visitors each month, CGarchitect is the only resource in the industry that brings together design professionals from around the globe to learn from one another, while simultaneously bringing the most up-to-date information and news to its members.

Celes Geronimo Jr

The creative head of Global Innovators, a master of visual content. Understanding tacit concepts of user interaction and visualization, Celes has the designer’s eye in GI. Celes is also the chief organizer for Im-Arch Asia 2019.

Celes has over 20 years of experience in both design and visualization, and have constantly evolved his craft by keeping in touch with the latest tools in design communication. His forte covers persuasive and design collateral, including 3D interactive solutions for better design communication between consultants, co-industry peers and clients.

Celes is currently exploring 3D real time game engines and BIM integration for his team’s adoption in augmenting their design processes.

Gerard Teo

The front runner of all things digital, Gerard is the maestro behind all of the advances in Global Innovators. From his expertise of parametric / computational design to developing a firm-wide BIM solution that capitalizes on emerging technologies, this is the guy to talk to to keep in touch with innovation.

Gerard is inclined towards application of parametric and optimization methods towards architectural design, as well as use of BIM methodologies in workflow efficiency and design.

Gerard’s expertise covers the design studio’s digital processes – BIM, parametric / computational design and VR applications. Gerard currently pilots the Digitalpha initiative, an industry focused solution catered to Singapore SMEs, in collaboration with IMDA.