Workshop B

Meet our Guru:

Johan Hanegraaf

Architect / Design Technology Specialist, Mecanoo, ArchiSpace VR

Custom VR development using Unity :

Transform your BIM into interactive audit or design applications. This workshop will show how to get more out of Unity by adding custom VR interactions to your 3D objects from Revit. Allowing you to create customized simulations or design review applications for clients, users and your project team.

0830-0900H Registration – Pixel Building (One North Gateway)

0900-1300H Workshop + 10 min breaks

1300-1400H Lunch Break

1400H-1800H Workshop + 10 min breaks



Hardware requirements

Laptop with the following (windows) software installed

About 2 gigabyte of free hard disk space of the dataset and project files

If you have a VR ready laptop and portable VR headset (like a Windows MR) you can bring these so you can test your VR creations during the workshop however this is not a requirement as anyone can follow along with a screen based “VR simulator” on a lower spec laptop.

Software requirements

Unity 2018.2.4

Default settings and Windows Built Support installation checkboxes needed for class, newer versions of Unity might also work but this version is guaranteed and tested with the workshop

Autodesk 3dsMax 2018-2019

Default install, service packs are not needed, a newer version than 2018 will do

Visual Studio 2017 Community Version: 15.8 or higher

Default install, Visual Studio 2017 installed before Unity tends to be more reliable

Bonus software (will be partly covered during the workshop)

Autodesk Revit 2017-2019

Default install, service packs are not needed, a newer version than 2017 will do